What We Do

We are a professional strength and conditioning program that can cater to any athlete on the field, court, or track. We offer sport specific training, strength, endurance training, injury prevention training and education, and much more. All ages and levels of play are welcome!


Coach B

I am a family man and a believer in God! I was raised right here in San Antonio,TX. I ran varsity track as a freshman, played varsity football as a freshman then earning a scholarship to play football on the collegiate level. Upon realizing I had more important obligations, I returned home to help family. My life changed as I became a father of three. I decided to return to school and earned a degree in Kinesiology. My future brightened into the opportunity of a lifetime; coaching minor league football. My passion developed into full athletic training as I saw a need to increase all functionality of the athlete no matter what the sport. I have been in the training and coaching field for over 13 years. Creating and achieving goals through training is my passion. Everyone who works with me will feel that passion.


Coach B.J.

I am a San Antonio native. I graduated from St. Gerard’s High School. After I school I went on to play for Texas Lutheran University where I excelled as a receiver and kick returner. I was mostly known for my speed, agility, and sure handedness. After obtaining my degree, I went on to coach AAU track after college as well as continue my football career. I joined the Air Force in 2010 and I am currently serving at Lackland AFB. I am a co-founder of B-Better Performance and specialize on working with receivers, running backs, footwork, form running, and speed development.